"Is this Pokémon Snap meets..."
Ross, upon discovering the monsters are afraid of pictures.

Episode 3
Series Steam Train
Game DreadOut
Description HAHAHA OKAY SCARY GAME. YOU GOT ME. .....I miss that never-ending road.....
Release Date June 2nd, 2014
Length 13:09
Link DreadOut: G-G-G-Ghosts! - PART 3 - Steam Train
Steam Train Guide
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"The Spooky School"
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"Jump Scare City"

"G-G-G-Ghosts!" is the third episode of DreadOut on Steam Train.


  • Ross is briefly heard singing the song "Spooky Scary Skeletons", a song which is associated with the internet meme "2spooky".
  • Ross gets scared by the boar demon in the bathroom, causing a domino effect for Arin and Danny to get scared.

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