FriendZone is a weekly 3-hour live stream hosted by Polaris. It is usually presented by Brooke Leigh Lawson (aka Dodger) and/or Chad Quandt, and features gamers playing (mostly) co-op games while wearing kigurumi.

Danny has appeared on the show six times, Ross four, Barry and Suzy twice each, and Arin and Brian once each.

Jon has yet to appear on a regular episode of FriendZone, presumably because he is rarely in LA where it is filmed. He did take part in the FriendZone live panel at PAX East 2014 with Dodger, Chad, Jesse Cox, Markiplier and Luchajin, but while they all wore kigurumi, it was a Q&A with no games being played.

Episodes featuring the GrumpsEdit

12 July 2013Danny, Dodger, Holly, Chad[1]
9 August 2013Danny, Dodger, Jason Mewes, Strippin, Holly[2]
18 October 2013Danny, Dodger, Chad, Nika Harper, Comic Book Girl 19[3]
22 November 2013Danny, Brian, Chad, NegativeNeil, Jared Rosen, Octopimp[4]
20 December 2013Danny, Arin, Barry, Suzy, Dodger[5]
10 January 2014Ross, Chad, Holly, CaptainSparklez, NegativeNeil[6]
14 February 2014Ross, Dodger, Holly Chad, Banzaii[7]
18 April 2014Jon, Dodger, Chad, Jesse Cox, Markiplier, Luchajin[8]
25 April 2014Ross, Dodger, Chad, CinnamnToastKen, SuperMaryFace[9]
1 August 2014Danny, Ross, Suzy, Barry, Dodger, Holly, Chad, NegativeNeil[10]
21 December 2014Ross, Dodger, ProJared, Holly, TheGamingBeaver[11]

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