"Is the goal of the game to become toast?"

"Fly in the House"
Fly in the House Stout Train
Series Steam Train
Game Fly in the House
Description Dude, I say dude a lot when I'm drunk, dude. Sorry dude.
Release Date March 17th, 2015
Length 25:13
Link Fly in the House - Steam Train
Steam Train One-Off Guide
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"Fly in the House" is the first and only episode of Fly in the House on Stout Train.

Discussions Edit

Kevin constantly brings attention to how the music is hardcore. He also brings up a parallel to the Breaking Bad episode where Walter and Jesse try to kill a fly.

Ross talks about a time that Mojo got pinkeye from drinking out of a toilet, after Barry takes a toilet cover to attack the fly. This leads to a discussions about Ross' cats, as well as Arin and Suzy's cats.

Kevin brings up his fear of bugs, and eventually also claims that he's scared of Australian Let's Players.

In the ending skit, Barry, Kevin, and Ross come up with an idea to make urinating more fun by putting Beyblades into the urinal or toilet.

At the very end of the episode, it is revealed after the endslate that Kevin has gotten nauseous from drinking way too much and holed himself up in the bathroom of the Grumps' recording studio to puke. Ross tapes the sounds of his misery outside of the bathroom door, which Kevin realizes are being filmed, apparently not minding. Although this can be attributed to Ross being his usual self, he shows concern for Kevin and is relieved to hear he's okay despite what he hears in the bathroom.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first video to feature Kevin commentating on a game.
  • As revealed by Kevin in Pain, this episode was recorded before Root Beer Tapper and Mario Kart DUI, despite being uploaded after these episodes. Kevin was intended to be in all three Stout Train episodes in 2015, but was unable to record anymore episodes after his first one due to feeling too sick.

External links Edit

Subreddit Head Fly in the House at the Subreddit

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