— Arin

"Finale (Nickelodeon Guts)"
Episode 4
Nickelodeon Guts 4
Series Game Grumps VS
Game Nickelodeon Guts
Description All should fear the mighty Crag of Aggro!
Release Date January 29, 2013
Length 13:00
Link Nickelodeon Guts: Finale - PART 4 - Game Grumps VS
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Finale is the fourth and final episode of Nickelodeon Guts.


Jon and Arin compete to get to the top of Aggro Crag, a notoriously difficult mountain climbing segment of Nickelodeon Guts. They jump over gaps, climb ropes, and avoid rock projectiles to reach the top. Jon does not qualify to finish, with the timer hitting seven minutes, resulting in a forfeit. Arin manages to ascend to the peak in a little over four minutes. However, at the end game tally of all the events, Jon still managed to beat Arin in the overall score marginally; Jon scored 1429 total points, and Arin scored 1418 total points. Thus, Jon is declared the winner of Nickelodeon Guts, receiving a trophy, though Arin contests that Jon only won because he wouldn't tell him the controls in the first minigame.

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