"Finale (Mario Party 4)"
Episode 6
Mario Party 4 SR 6
Series Steam Rolled
Game Mario Party 4
Description It all comes down to this!!
Release Date August 31, 2013
Length 14:53
Link Mario Party 4: Finale - PART 6 - Steam Rolled
Steam Rolled Guide
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Finale is an episode of Steam Rolled and the sixth and final episode of Mario Party 4.


  • Barry ends up winning the game, securing his fourth Steam Rolled victory. After tying Ross in both Stars and Coins (by winning the very last minigame), it came down to a dice roll to declare a winner. Ross rolled a 2 and Barry rolled an 8.
  • As of this episode, Barry has won every round of Steam Rolled he has participated in.
  • It was a heated game, as Ross won the lottery and Barry caught up to him by winning a battle mini game AND a normal mini game with Suzy.

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