"Finale (Kirby's Dream Course)"
Episode 5
Series Game Grumps VS
Game Kirby's Dream Course
Description [Enter name here] WINS!
Release Date April 8, 2014
Length 17:09
Link Kirby's Dream Course: Finale - PART 4 - Game Grumps VS
Episode Guide
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"I Will Murder You"
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"The Return!"

"Finale" is the fifth episode of Kirby's Dream Course on Game Grumps VS.

Game ProgressEdit

Danny makes it to the seventh hole early in the video. The score is now 36-27, with Danny in the lead.

The grumps reveal the eighth hole quickly, but struggle to reach it at first, but Arin reaches it in due time. The score becomes 37-31 with Danny as the victor.

Unsatisfied with the end, Arin decides that he and Danny will do one hole from the Gordo course, and declares it an "all-or-nothing" round. Danny reluctantly agrees to play, but thinks it's stupid how Arin wants it to be an all-or-nothing round. During this round, Arin keeps falling out of bounds, while Danny struggles to get to higher ground briefly before beating a majority of the enemies. Arin takes stars from Danny and sinks the hole from an upward shot. He wins the round at 6-3.

(Though the winner is still actually Danny.)

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only instance where an episode called "Finale" doesn't signify the end of the series. Although the series was not picked up again for several month after this episode.
  • In later videos the Grumps refer to Arin having won the match on account of the final all-or-nothing-round, suggesting that the official ruling is still in Arin's favor.

External linksEdit

Subreddit Head Finale at the Subreddit

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