"Silver came, and now we're fighting, and now we're fighting Silver!"
Arin, singing

"Fighting Silver"
Episode 62
Sonic '06 62
Series Game Grumps
Game Sonic '06
Description *laugh track*
Release Date February 12, 2013
Length 11:14
Link Sonic '06: Fighting Silver - PART 62 - Game Grumps
Episode Guide
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"Testing Testing One Two Three"
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"Exercises in Futility"

"Fighting Silver" is the sixty-second episode of Sonic '06 played on Game Grumps.

 Intro Edit

"And then I said to her, 'Hey, bitch-tits, do you wanna go on a lovely date? I'll be really, like, I look at you and I see something good for my life and when I see something good for me, I wanna change.'" "Jeez, what'd she do?" "She said yes and now we're married and I have four beautiful children." "Are you serious? I haven't met them!" "Last one was an accident." "Well, that happens." "Thank you." "When are you gonna introduce me to them? What are their names?" "Uh, Steven, Harry, Goku, and Prince Jr." -JonTron and Egoraptor

Outro Edit

"Next time on Game Grumps, we're out of lives now, we'll be out of lives then. Jay Leno! Jay Leno! I'm gonna do a Jay Leno impression, I can't really... David Letterman, heh-heh... Jimmy Fallon, just going down the rungs here... squid... amoeba... krill, krill is above amoeba." "Squid...the host of the Squid Show?" "No, I was going down the... not that Jay Leno's at the top of the... because I like David Letterman and Conan O'Brien." "No, no, no! You said it. Jay Leno is the top of the chain." "Well, with that chin, with that mandible, I suppose he could eat just about anything... I have nothing against Jay Leno, I don't even know the man." "I hate Jay Leno." "Okay, thanks for just ruining that bridge, burning that one...(laughing) 'cause we were gonna get Jay Leno on the show." "I'm sorry, Jay." "Jay Leno's just like, 'I was gonna be on the show but...' I don't even what, is that how he talks?" "Yeah, he's like: (high-pitched) Hello, I'm Jay Leno. Haha!'" "I didn't know he was Mickey fuckin' Mouse." -JonTron and Egoraptor


After finishing Radical Train in the Shadow campaign, Jon and Arin are once again forced to fight Silver the Hedgehog. Once again the unfair, and broken, fight setup puts the two at the mercy of luck.


  • The flash animation Jon refers to is called"Pustota", an experimental flash music video for the song by Theodor Bastard. It was animated by Russian artist Kol Belov in 2003.

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