"No, nonono, okay, okay. I'll explain. It's kind of complicated. It's kind of confusing. Considering... it's a dime, it's worth 10 cents, it's also worth 10 gold... but it doesn't mean that a gold is worth a cent, because in a different currency it just means that a dime is valued at 10 gold."
— Jon, explaining his idea about the value of currencies in Kirby's world.

"Exchange Rate Grumps"
Episode 11
Kirby Super Star 11
Series Game Grumps
Game Kirby Super Star
Description You would be a FOOL to assume.
Release Date October 5, 2012
Length 10:20
Link Kirby Super Star: Exchange Rate Grumps - PART 11 - Game Grumps
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"Exchange Rate Grumps" is an episode of Game Grumps and the eleventh episode of Kirby Super Star.

Intro Edit

Jon: I'm in the cart, I'm going, I need help!
Arin: I'll come with you, but I'm a stone.

Game progress Edit

The Game Grumps continue through Great Cave Offensive until they come across a save point.

Discussion Edit

Most of this episode is spent discussing the value of currency in the world of Kirby, hence the title. When the Grumps come across a treasure called the dime (clearly shown as a coin with 10 inscribed on it), worth 10G, Jon claims it's a logical fallacy to assume this means the value of 1G is equal to 1 cent. Initially Arin doesn't pay attention and agrees, causing Jon to say he is glad Arin understands him, since he is usually too smart for people to understand.

However, not much later, when they find a treasure called the dud (worth 30G), Arin claims it is worth 30 cents, and Jon corrects him. This causes Arin to think about what Jon had said previously and ask why it's a logical fallacy. He disagrees, remaining convinced that if a 10 cent coin is worth 10G, the value of the currencies must be equal. The Grumps proceed to discuss this further in fairly unclear terms, with Jon even admitting several times that he's confused even himself and Arin may be right, until Arin finally clarifies that it is possible the coin is not a valid currency any more, but is simply a historical object worth 10G to a collector, bringing up a doubloon as a comparison.

After this discussion, Jon, playing as ninja Kirby, hugs the wall and tries to make a joke about it, but is ignored by Arin. This causes him to become uncooperative in mock anger. He clings to the wall for far too long, walks right by treasure without collecting it, and enters some random doors, bothering Arin, who ends up calling him an "obnock". When Jon is finally convinced to turn back and collect the chests they left behind, he walks into the wrong door.

Quotes Edit

Jon (mumbling in mock despair): I guess I don't got nowhere then...
Arin: Oh, we need that, we need that!
(Jon exits the room they're in)
Jon: Home is nowhere, that's what they say...
(three clapping noises, like someone hitting a leg)
Arin: Go BACK!
Jon: Every time you, every time you want somebody-
Jon: Every time you bring someone in your life they hurt you...
Arin: So... okay, so-
Jon: Twice as bad... THAT'S WHY MAMA SAID!
Arin: Hey Jon-
Arin: Alright, so-
Jon: And then she died in a fire!

Outro Edit

(Jon goes right back into the doorway they just came out of)
Jon: Next time on Game Grumps!
Arin (sighs) JOOOON!

Trivia Edit

  • It's possible that the dime is in fact not 10 cents, but simply a 10G coin, which would make the entire discussion pointless.

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