"Well, I've made a mess. Better call Mop Man."

"Enjoy a Tasty Beverage"
Episode 3
Series Game Grumps
Game Mega Man 3
Description Siiiiip. Aaaahhhh.
Release Date June 1st, 2014
Length 11:22
Link Mega Man 3: Enjoy a Tasty Beverage - PART 3 - Game Grumps
Episode Guide
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"Top of the World"
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"Made of Snakes"

"Enjoy a Tasty Beverage" is the third episode of Mega Man 3 on Game Grumps.

Game ProgressEdit

Arin attempts Shadow Man's stage again. He does well this time, and defeats Shadow Man on his first try.

He moves on to Spark Man's stage. He falls into a bottomless pit at two points, due to platforms that shoot up once stepped on. Arin beats Spark Man on his first try.

Arin can't decide who to fight next, until he realizes Magnet Man is the only one weak to Spark Man, and Magnet Man was the first Robot Master he fought. He then decides to take on Needle Man's stage (fortunately getting an extra life in the first five seconds of play). He nearly makes it to the end before the episode ends.


The Grumps make fun of advertising, specifically for food and beverage products. Danny also comes up with a theory that Game Grumps is a long-term publicity stunt to sell beer. Though both admit to hating beer, with Danny saying it's only worth drinking if you're trying to get drunk. Afterwards Arin wonders how they got so far off topic and the episode ends

The two make jokes abut that involve rhyming Top Man's name with other words

It is brought up that the background is far too overstimulating

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