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"Did you think I came out the pussy drawing fuckin' Mozart?"
Arin Hanson, Adorably Goofy

Arin Hanson
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Arin Joseph Hanson (born January 6 1987), also known as Egoraptor, is a cartoonist, voice actor, comedian and the leader and co-founder of Game Grumps. He is married to Suzy Berhow, known as Mortem3r, the narrator of Table Flip and occasional co-host on Steam Train. Arin and Suzy became engaged in December 2011 and married in October 2013.


Before Newgrounds

Before becoming an animator, Arin was mostly interested in voice acting, recording little audio skits with his microphone and sending them to friends. One of Arin's first viral hits was a short audio skit he made called Dragon Ball Z In A Nutshell, which he uploaded to the filesharing service Napster, inspired by a famous radio skit that summarizes the entire Star Wars original trilogy in thirty seconds. While his original version was fairly popular on Napster, the skit became even more popular when it was re-uploaded by someone else who rebranded it as "Invader Zim Does DBZ". He soon found out that people had also made animations to go with his audio, which led him to Newgrounds.

Newgrounds and YouTube

Arin's animation career began in earnest with the Awesome Series where he parodied popular, classic video games. Arin's first animation in the series, "Metal Gear Awesome", was published on Newgrounds on February 23, 2006, skyrocketing him to popularity. Soon after he was commissioned by MTV to create more animations in a similar style for a new show called The G-Hole. In 2009 Arin released "Lemon 'n' Bill", a comedy series where an anthropomorphic bullet and a lemon get stuck in classic video game worlds. The series was sponsored by Machinima and was featured on their YouTube channel. During that same year Arin began his collaboration with Joshua "TomaMoto" Tomar to make "Girlchan in Paradise", a 4 episode series sponsored by Newgrounds that parodies shōnen anime.

While Arin found his biggest initial success on Newgrounds, Arin was not especially happy with the website's community, which he regards as toxic and consistently hostile towards him. As such, he eventually began to move away from Newgrounds, and instead focus on Youtube, where his shorts like PokeAwesome became especially popular. He then started a new series called Sequelitis, a show comparing a variety of video games to their sequels and examining what each title did particularly well or poorly, in March 2011 with his video "Castlevania 1 vs. Castlevania 2".

Game Grumps is a collaboration channel that Arin started with Jon "JonTron" Jafari on July 18, 2012 with the first episode "Kirby Super Star- Spring Breeze Adventures!". Jon Tron stayed a "Grump" until Jun 25, 2013 where he announced that he would be leaving the show to pursue other projects in "Ode to Jon". In the very same episode Dan Avidan is introduced as the next "Grump". Arin and Danny's first Game Grump video was "Mike Tyson's Punch Out!!: Around the World- PART 1".

Arin's collaboration with Danny evolved into STARBOMB described by Arin as a "video comedy band". STARBOMB's first song "SMASH!" on the album Player Select was published on December 16, 2014. Studio Yotta animed the music video that featured Super Smash Brothers characters.

Mga snake

Snake from Metal Gear Awesome.


He also appeared as a contestant on the Sony PlayStation game show "The Tester" in its third season, as the community-vote contestant, but was eliminated in the third episode after being accused of using the show to promote himself. When asked about his Tester experience and whether or not he would do it again, he replied with disgust and stated that his experience on the show as a whole was miserable. The "watermelon game" in the episode that got him eliminated was the subject of much controversy, with Arin's fans unanimously agreeing that it was unfair. Arin later admitted that the only reason he ever applied for the show was to spite another applicant that he absolutely loathed, and once he got in he made an effort to make the show as much of a joke as possible. [1]

Arin has also done narration work for several game trivia episodes of Did You Know Gaming?, a series dedicated to obscure facts in video games (the series has also been mentioned on Game Grumps). Arin narrated some of the videos on the Star Fox, Grand Theft Auto, Mario, Mega Man, Pokémon and Kirby series.

He has also voiced Jason Morris, Mittens, many of Max "HotDiggedyDemon" Gilardi's characters and Dicky O'Prick (Mittens's Co-worker) in the We Are Native American Cats animation. He also did voicework for another creation of Gilardi's, acting as Rarity in the PONY.MOV series. In the first installment of the series, APPLE.MOV, he also voiced Pinkie Pie, although he didn't after APPLE.MOV, because he couldn't record his lines. In addition, he has worked with many other animators, like EsquireBob (known for his 3D Game Grumps Animations), Explosm (known for the popular webcomic "Cyanide & Happiness"), and the late Edd Gould (known for his series Eddsworld). He has also been in an episode of ASDF movies, created by TomSka. He voiced two characters in a skit, a mugger and a victim. He also did the narration for 'Relive Your Life', a game that can be found on Newgrounds.

Arin has also appeared as a guest character in the Buffalo Wizards Unforgotten Realms Live: the NUREN Campaign, along with Jake Kaufman. He appeared for the first board of the campaign before leaving for other recording sessions.

Arin has also appeared as guest in 6th episode of the YouTube Red show Scare PewDiePie with Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg and Matthew Patrick from The Game Theorists.

Personal life

Arin was born January 6, 1987 in Florida. His father, Lloyd "Paparaptor" Hanson, is a musician. He runs the website Old Farts With Guitars, where he talks about his story with music and occasionally about other members of the Hanson family; Arin made 2 Flash Films (Happy Birthday Dad! and It's Dad's Birthday Again!) as birthday gifts for him. Arin's mother's name is Maurette Hanson. Arin has one brother, Nate, who is an aviator. He is almost exactly three years older than Arin (his birthday is a day before Arin's). He is also said to own a guitar signed by the band Neutral Milk Hotel. He also voiced himself in the Happy Birthday Dad! film. Arin was engaged to Suzy Berhow since Dec. 25th, 2011 and married her on October 25, 2013. Arin named the "Berhow Box" from Metal Gear Awesome after her and made a flash animation where he talks about his love for her.


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  • As a teenager, Arin's father Lloyd once walked in on him watching lesbian porn. Despite his father quickly walking out in embarrassment, Arin said he was not even aroused, simply curious. He said he actually had to go to his father and explain the situation.
  • Arin's signature includes a drawing of Snake from Metal Gear Awesome.
  • Arin's favorite game is Mega Man X and his favorite movie is Speed Racer (but it was originally The Breakfast Club).
  • Arin's favorite Pokemon is Scizor.
  • Arin's favorite word is "goo."
  • Arin uses Pikachu (wearing goggles) as his main character competitively in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • Arin has a habit of always choosing to play as a female character when given the option. In Q&A with the Grumps! - PART 2, Arin explains in that he finds it more pleasant looking at a woman (particularly her butt) for a long period of time, rather than a man. He also states that he was far more interested in feminine culture as a teenager.
  • After Jon's departure, Arin changed his 'Hey I'm Grump' face to have a light highlight in his hair, due to both him and Suzy coloring their hair to have matching blonde streaks.
  • Arin's height is 6'2" as stated by himself in Finale, Totally Rad, and Mac's Back.
  • Arin has been known to drink Monster Energy Drink frequently during Game Grumps. He claimed to have quit drinking it for a brief period, but eventually resumed the habit. Arin also claims that Monster was the only known drink to cause him to burp.
  • Arin is slightly allergic to chlorine, as stated in Wandering Man.
    • He also once thought he was lactose intolerant. Turns out he wasn't.
  • In terms of the Legend of Zelda franchise, Arin loves A Link to the Past, is indifferent to Ocarina of Time, and absolutely despises Skyward Sword.
  • Arin enjoys collecting toys and figurines, particularly Transformers and Skylanders.
  • When Arin was nineteen, he and some friends made a club called the D-Club to prove to homophobic bullies that they were more comfortable with their own sexuality than the bullies were. The main focus point of the club involved showing each other their genitals, sometimes escalating into swordfighting, which Arin once engaged in.[2] According to Arin, his nickname in the D-Club was the Brontosaurus, due to the shape of his penis. To this day, Arin insists that there was absolutely nothing gay about the D-Club or the aforementioned swordfighting incident.
  • Arin hates beans which makes him fart too much, as stated on Sheep.
  • Arin was once an announcer at dog track, as stated in part 105 of Sonic '06.
  • Arin's favorite band is Jamiroquai, But has stated on numerous occasions that he is a fan of Tool and Pearl Jam.
  • In It's Pie Time!, Arin says he owns a Ms. Pac Man Arcade Cabinet.
  • Arin is an occasional director and/or extra for Ninja Sex Party music videos.
  • Arin's favorite Disney movie is Hercules.
  • Arin has stated that he loves Sailor Moon. In Mount Your Friends, he can be seen wearing a Sailor Moon shirt with the Japanese logo, showing he likes the original Japanese version over the infamous DiC dub.
  • In Seeing Fish, Arin reveals he is 220 pounds.
  • Arin will occasionally stumble over his outro statements if he is on a show other than Game Grumps, such as Steam Train.
  • In Yoshi Party, Arin stated he hates shoes and socks and goes without them enough to collect "feet dirt" indoors unless he vacuums. True to form, he has been habitually barefoot in a majority of his visual appearances on the channel.
  • Arin has shown an adoration for pajama pants, even when they wear out and start to develop holes in all the "wrong places."
  • Arin, from time to time, wears a green dinosaur onesie and acts like a dinosaur. This is seen in some of the promos for the Game Grumps channel, during his time on The Tester, and in promos for Dance Showdown.
  • Arin has strong disdain for the reality genre, owing most of it due to his horrible experiences on The Tester, shared with Ross and Jirard, which they discuss in Warm Fuzzies.
  • Arin has a fear of low, droning tones which rise in volume, which he discussed in the Pokémon FireRed playthrough. He also said in the Banjo-Kazooie playthrough that he was frightened by the sound of an eerie phone call that was just static and droning noises, likely the source of his fear.
  • Arin has a scar on his upper lip due to an accident at Magfest 2013, which involved him smashing his upper lip against a falling toilet seat after he had come down with Norovirus. He has taken to maintaining a mustache regularly to cover the scar. [3]
  • Arin is prone to mention his bodily functions during episodes, especially his "private functions" such as defecation. However, he sometimes improvises songs about it as well, either to the beat of a video game's background music, or his own made-up tunes, which usually involve sucking it or bragging about it in general.
  • Arin participated as a celebrity contestant in the 2015 Nintendo World Championships as part of the NWC 25th anniversary celebrations. One of the announcers repeatedly mispronounced his name with the wrong inflection, infamously calling him "Oar-in". Arin was eventually beaten in an elimination round, and the winner of the competition would end up being John Numbers.
  • Arin prefers Pepsi over Coke. His reason being that soda of any form is meant to be enjoyed slowly, and because Pepsi has a sweeter taste, you can enjoy many small and satisfying sips. [4]
  • Arin dropped out of high school due to many issues regarding him moving. He was placed in what he called an "F" school for bad kids, before he was in a "well-to-do" School. The school didn't give him a curriculum because he transferred and wasn't in their district, and instead "made him sit in the library trying to find something for him to do." Arin's mother, being furious with this, asked Arin if he wanted to drop out and get his GED. Arin said yes and got his GED, which he says "was the easiest test he ever took." [5]
  • Both Arin and Suzy have been on the Paleo diet, with Arin referencing it every now and again. As of writing, Arin is presumably continuing said diet to this day.
  • Arin is infamous for his short temper and frustration intolerance, most memorable in Sonic '06 and Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril. One particular incident in Super Mario Sunshine involved him leaving the room, followed by the sound of an unidentified object breaking. Danny, being Danny, had a laughing fit during the entire ordeal.
  • Arin was a guest voice actor for the season 2 finale of Rick And Morty, in which he played the role of a cyborg photographer.
  • Arin also had a guest voice acting role in the video game Dragon Age: Inquisition, playing the part of an NPC dwarf.
  • Arin once had Epididymitis.
  • Arin has a long laundry list of classic movies that he hasn't seen yet, including Alien, the Godfather, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy, much to Danny's surprise. They have made an effort to watch those movies whenever they find the time, starting with Jaws. [6]


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