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"Ego LIKES This Game" is the third episode of Banjo Kazooie.

Intro Edit

"Did you write that down? DID YOU WRITE THAT DOWN?" "Yeah" "Welcome back" "Welcome back to..." - Jon and Arin.

Game progress Edit

The Game Grumps obtain five more Jiggies from Mumbo's Mountain.  

Quotes Edit

"Banjo Tooie's really good, too." - Jon

"Uh, better or worse, in your opinion?" - Arin

"Not worse, but can't live up to the original." - Jon

"Well then, so it's exactly the same?" - Arin

"Better.. it's better, yeah." - Jon

"Well then what the fuck, how can it not live up to the original?" - Arin

"If you played Banjo Tooie first, you would like it better then this one." - Jon

"You broke Kazooie's neck, heh just [makes a snapping sound]." - Jon

"Just, [imitates Kazooie in pain]." - Arin

"Kazooie, hey uh, can you run around for me?" - Jon

[Both laugh.]

Outro Edit

Jon: Okay! Next time on Game Grumps, you wanna see Banjo Kazooie? That's okay... you we g- I clipped it didn't I.

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