"Yeah, you were right, this game does have good music!"
— Danny, after the game crashes and starts playing a constant singular tone.

Series Game Grumps
Game DuckTales
Description It's a duck blur!
Release Date May 28th, 2014
Length 11:15
Link DuckTales - Game Grumps
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"DuckTales" is the first and only episode of DuckTales on Game Grumps.

Game Progress

Arin first attempts the Amazon level of the game, but gets a Game Over before reaching the halfway point of the level. He then goes to the Moon level to listen to the famous musical theme of the level, but is unable to get far in the level as it glitches, forcing Dan and Arin to quit.


Arin and Danny talk about how highly acclaimed the game's soundtrack is, especially the theme from the Moon level. Arin insists that it's still not the greatest song on the NES, contesting that the entire soundtrack of Shatterhand is superior.

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