"Who needs Earth when you have floaty platforms in space?"

"Drunken Robot Pornography (episode)"
Series Steam Train
Game Drunken Robot Pornography
Description Well, uh, at least one of the words in the title applies, I guess?
Release Date May 24th, 2014
Length 18:55
Link Drunken Robot Pornography - Steam Train
Steam Train One-Off Guide
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Drunken Robot Pornography is the first and only episode of Drunken Robot Pornography on Steam Train.


Ross compares the game to Tron, then mentions that he and Barry watched the Tron animated show on Netflix. He gives heavy praise to the show and berates the fact that it was canceled/put on hiatus.

Arin claims that this game was released as an April Fools Day joke.

Other comparisons to other first person shooters are made throughout.

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