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"Alright, we're making up the story? Let's make up the story."

"Drakkhen (episode)"
Series Game Grumps
Game Drakkhen
Description ohhhmmyyygooosshhh WHEN IS WHAT IS WHY. WHAT..
Release Date March 9, 2013
Length 10:43
Link Drakkhen - Game Grumps
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Drakkhen is the only episode of Drakkhen.

Discussion Edit

Due to this game's text being in Japanese, Jon and Arin make up their own story, where the four main characters make a journey to 7 Eleven (which is a random castle that's the first structure seen in the game).

A running gag revolves around the first character in the party, Interchangeable Common American Name, whose name changes every time it is mentioned while the other three, Bill, Langley, and Big Bill, remain unchanged (although Arin once referred to Big Bill as Bigger Bill). The names created by Arin are:

  1. Brian
  2. Frank
  3. Steve
  4. Willard
  5. Jonathan
  6. Michael IV
  7. Michael III
  8. Michael Jordan
  9. Scott

Arin notes how the enemies make a noise similar to ECHH, a sound that Jon makes frequently in Game Grumps videos.

As one of most loved episodes an effort was made to Animate the entire thing, however after Jon left the project faded away, although many people have finished pieces.

Intro Edit

"I don't know what this game is." -Egoraptor

Quotes Edit

"Steve, Bill, Langley, and Big Bill are going on a journey to go to 7 Eleven." -Egoraptor

"Don't forget about your things: Grab, Sword, and Push-lil'-button." -JonTron

"Michael IV walks into the dark room and out of it, 'ECHH's a monster!" -Egoraptor

"Defeated is the monster!" -Egoraptor after an enemy randomly runs away

Outro Edit

"Drakkhen! For the Super GameBoy!" -JonTron

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