"Dragon Ball XenoVerse"
Dragon Ball XenoVerse Grumpcade
Series Grumpcade
Game Dragon Ball XenoVerse
Description Nap time!
Release Date February 27th, 2015
Length 1:16:28
Link Dragonball XenoVerse - Grumpcade
Grumpcade One-Off Guide
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"Dragonball XenoVerse" is the first and only episode of Dragon Ball XenoVerse on Grumpcade.

Gameplay Edit

Ross and Arin start by playing some matches against each other. They then move to playing matches online with other people, with occasional issues with internet connection.

About 50 minutes in, Ross and Arin briefly struggle to navigate the Xbox One's menus for online.

Trivia Edit

  • Ross played the game a lot the day before recording the episode to unlock as many characters as possible, but was unable to unlock two of them.
  • At one hour, sixteen minutes, and twenty-eight seconds, this was the the longest video on the Game Grumps channel, as well as the longest Grumpcade episode, from its upload date to July 18th, 2016 when "Hitting the Weights!" surpassed it by two minutes and thirteen seconds. It has surpassed the previous longest video, "Presentable Liberty".
  • This episode was originally uploaded as "Dragon Ball XenoVerse" but was retitled as "Dragonball XenoVerse" at some point.

External links Edit

Subreddit Head Dragon Ball XenoVerse at the Subreddit

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