"Wow, this was a bad idea to play this on Grumps, 'cause now everyone knows how stupid we are."

"What Is What"
Episode 2
Jeopardy (Wii) 2 - Double What
Series 'Game Grumps VS'
Game Jeopardy!
Description Who do you think I am? Ken Jennings?
Release Date January 28, 2014
Length 10:27
Link Jeopardy: Double What - PART 2 - Game Grumps VS
VS Guide
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"What Is What"
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"Double What" is the second episode of Jeopardy! on 'Game Grumps VS'.


Arin: "Welcome back to Geo Grumps."

Danny: "Oh, man. I am... getting my ass savagely kicked at Jeopardy!"

Arin: "Me too, but, I'm- I'm gaining fire. Samuel's beating our ass, though, so..."


Arin: "Next time on Game Grumps..."

Danny: [interrupts] "No!"

Arin: "...Monroe-Pourri for 1600!"

Danny: "Uhh, yeah."

External linksEdit

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