Don't Listen to Protoman
Don't Listen to Protoman


Game Grumps Animated



Origin (Game)

Mega Man 7

Origin (Episode)

Sleazy Salesman


Protoman's advice seems a little sketchy to me...

Release date

August 26, 2012





Don't Listen to Protoman is the second episode of Game Grumps Animated.

Transcript Edit

  • Arin: Fucking Protoman just said we should go to the forest and then burn it with fire.
  • Jon: [Laughs] What a fucking asshole! What are you like fucking Abraham from the bible? Like, oooh okay, that sounds like a good idea. He goes back to Dr. Light and he's like "you did WHAT!?"
  • Arin: [Laughs] Protoman told me to. "Duude!"
  • Jon: [Laughs, Imitating] "Duude!"
  • Arin: "Did you seriously listen to that guy?! He just shows up!"
  • Jon: [Laughs] Y-yeah, he just like fucking. Shows. Up!
  • Arin: [Laughs] "When ever did I tell you it was okay to listen to him? Fucking when?"
  • Jon: [Laughs] I just love, just cuts to the lab, "Fucking rrre... ssseriously?!"
  • Arin: [Laughs]
  • Jon: Oh god.. that's brilliant.

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