"Don't Go Here"
Episode 10
Sonic '06 10
Series Game Grumps
Game Sonic '06
Description Okay I'm gonna go there.
Release Date November 21, 2012
Length 10:32
Link Sonic '06: Don't Go Here - PART 10 - Game Grumps
Episode Guide
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"Kid Quest"
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"Knuckles' Knuckles"

"Don't Go Here" is the tenth episode of Sonic '06.


"Whoooooooaaaaa!"(both) "Butiwentthatwaybutiwentthisway butiwentthatwaybutiwentthisway butiwentthatwaybutiwentthisway butiwentthatwaaayt!"-JonTron

Outro Edit

"Next time on Game Grumps!" "What?" "W- th- hopefully something happens in the episode." "Jesus. Something did happen, and yet it doesn't feel like it. Welcome to Sonic '06!" "...'07." -JonTron and Egoraptor


  • The title refers to the fact that Arin jumped into an area that you are not allowed to go in, to further progress the game.

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