Ding Dong


Ding Dong is one of the co-hosts of Oney's let's play series Oney Plays along with Julian.

Game Grumps

He has appeared in the Doodle Doods episodes Harry Splatter, Rash Bandiscoot , and Go Go Badget as well as the Grumpcade episodes The Simpsons: Hit & Run and Sonic Shuffle.


  • Ding Dong has never shown his face and is only visually known through his Oney Plays avatar.
  • Ding Dong is immune to spicy foods.
  • Ding Dong has worked for different game companies in the past but has never disclosed which specific games he has worked on.
  • Ding Dong is Julian's roommate.
  • Ding Dong is an avid lover of the restaurant chain "Curry House" and enjoys chicken katsu curry as spicy as it comes. 
  • Ding Dong is allergic to cats.  

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