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"Cyndi Lauper Impressions" is the second episode of Demon's Souls.

Intro Edit

Arin: Hi! [laughs] Okay. This game's so fucking intense, you can't pause it.
Jon: Hello. [laughs] I love, "Hi!"

Quotes Edit

Oh, oh, oh, oh! Gimme one, right on the cheek!
— Arin
They're dead, okay? Can I go now?
— Jon, quoting Alien.
Do you also know the Spanish version of "Hey Mickey"?
— Jon
Yurt! Yurt! He's as good as dirt!
— Jon

Discussion Edit

  • Jon and Arin spend the first minute singing Journey.
  • Around 4 minutes in, the two begin doing Cyndi Lauper impressions, singing, "Girls Just Want to Have Fun".

Trivia Edit

Outro Edit

Arin: "Beware of trap ahead." That's somebody that somebody said.
Jon: Somebody that somebody said. Somebody that somebody said. Somebody that somebody said.
Arin: Okay, Jon? You're breaking.
Jon: Y-

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