"Crushing It"
Episode 44
Dark Souls III 44
Series 'Game Grumps'
Game Dark Souls III
Description Most impressive.
Release Date May 22nd, 2016
Length 11:41
Link Dark Souls III: Crushing It - PART 44 - Game Grumps
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Crushing It is the forty-fourth episode of Dark Souls III on Game Grumps.

Discussions Edit

Arin talks about a Family Guy joke where Peter thought his Alphabits were giving him a message, when they were really Cheerios.

The two quote the "combing the desert" scene from Spaceballs. Arin then talks about how Danny saw Spaceballs before seeing Star Wars or Alien.

The two talk about comedian Brian Regan, specifically his "Loitering and Manslaughter" bit.

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