"Cretaceous Catastrophe"
Episode 1
Joe & Mac 1
Series Game Grumps
Game Joe & Mac
Description Dinosaurs oh noooo
Release Date October 26, 2012
Length 10:44
Link Joe & Mac: Cretaceous Catastrophe - PART 1 - Game Grumps
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"Triassic Trials"

"Cretaceous Catastrophe" is the first episode of Joe & Mac.

Discussion Edit

Jon tells a story where Austin "PeanutButterGamer" Hargrave sent him a recording of a audio test where he said "Hey y'all it's me PeanutButterGamer welcome to my new show where I kill people and film it". Arin says that it's a one-episode series.

Jon brings up his review of Joe & Mac on his YouTube channel.[1] Arin says he liked Jon's, "I just left" joke from the video.

Arin theorizes that Joe & Mac are inventors who are discovering new land in their sky mountain.

Arin tells his story with the game: His brother rented it (along with Arin renting Fatal Fury) from a rental store called "My Favorite Video"; they later fought over it.

The Grumps also make profession jokes. In Jon's joke he's a doctor (with a weird nose that make his syllables sound weird) who has a degree in "It Is Hot Outside"; Arin's joke is censored by Barry using a horde of elephants due to it being a rape joke. Jon claims that it's "one of these days" where they make the easy, stupid jokes.

Arin brings up Metal Gear Solid. Jon remarks how little he talks about Metal Gear, given that he "did a huge parody on it." Arin mentions he was going to do a Metal Gear Sequelitis — his web series which analyzes video game sequels.

Jon and Arin discuss how difficult it is do explain their profession to other people.

Trivia Edit

  • Arin has said that the censored joke is "What is your profession? I raped a girl. What? Ohh... a PROfession, I was giving you a CONfession".

Quotes Edit

Do-nut look at me like that!
— Jon
— Arin

References Edit

  1. Joe and Mac Retrospective - JonTron

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