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"Corn Flower Pain" is the fourth episode of Game Grumps' first playthrough of Secret of Mana.

Intro Edit

"Welcome back. We're still running like an angsty girl" "I'm not a girl!" "You're not even a guy though. You're Andrew Ginus"

Game progress Edit

The Game Grumps make little progress, before dying and starting over where they started the episode.

Quotes Edit

"A wall nut is a 1,000 dollars".

"Oh my god".

"This is a fucking fucked up economy".

"Thats a expensive ass wall nut".

"I'm outta here, be seeing you".

"Give me my guy".- Jon

"What are you gay".

(Jon slaps his leg).

"What the deal with home decor in secret if mana".- Jon doing a Jerry sienfield impression

"I don't know but its non decor".

"What if Jerry sienfield was just like, "Super Mario world whats the deal with that mushrooms don't make you bigger".

Outro Edit

Jon"I'm just frustrated.......".

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