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"Clayfighter 63⅓ (episode)"
Clayfighter 64
Series Game Grumps VS
Game Clayfighter 63⅓
Description FIGHTIN' CLAY.
Release Date September 28, 2012
Length 12:32
Link Clayfighter 63⅓ - Game Grumps VS
VS One-Off Guide
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"Snowboard Kids 2"
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"Fighter Destiny 2"

Clayfighter 63⅓ is an episode of Game Grumps VS and the only episode of Clayfighter 63⅓.


"Hey, can I just have a second to see what the fuck is going on here?" - Jon

"Are we in the haunted mansion ride?" - Jon


  • This episode contains another running joke where the Grumps state that a part of the video "needs to loop".
  • For most of the episode, Jon is unaware of using the C Buttons for attacks.
  • Arin states that he played the original SNES Clayfighter game.

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