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"For those of you who are experienced Civilization players, get ready to watch some seriously inept world building."

"Civilization V: Brave New World (Part 1)"
Episode 1
Civilization V Brave New World 1
Series Steam Train
Game Civilization V: Brave New World
Description There's a new expansion to Civilization V called Brave New World! Arin hops on board the Steam Train to check it out.
We are a nation of vengeance and pottery.
Release Date July 9, 2013
Length 1:02:28
Link Civilization V: Brave New World - PART 1 - Steam Train
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Civilization V: Brave New World is a part of Steam Train and the first episode of Civilization V: Brave New World.


  • "I hate to be all 'Murrica about this, but they are definitely coming to take our guns." - Danny
  • "What light through yonder window breaks? Oh! It's a barbarian." - Arin
  • "Have you ever played Go?" "Well, go fuck yourself." - Arin & Ross


  • This is one of nine videos on the channel over an hour long, and is the eighth longest on the channel.

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