"Chuck E. Cheese's Party Games (episode)"
Chuck E. Cheese's Party Games
Series Game Grumps
Game Chuck E. Cheese's Party Games
Description Games! Tickets! Prizes! Fun fun fun!
Release Date October 16, 2012
Length 20:00
Link Chuck E. Cheese's Party Games - Game Grumps
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"Chuck E. Cheese's Party Games" is the only episode of Chuck E. Cheese's Party Games.

Quotes Edit

"Look at my shirt collar!" -Egoraptor imitating the character option, Ming

"Dude, it's the Chuck E. Gang!" -Jontron

Trivia Edit

  • The Game Grumps' common phrase to segway into something serious, Real Talk, is referenced when they name their player "R3a7 T47".
  • This has the fourth-highest view count of any non-Game Grumps Animated video on the Game Grumps channel.
  • In this episode it is revealed that Arin once had a bad experience at a Chuck E. Cheese where Chucky takes his skee-ball and throws it and misses and just walks away.