"Character Impressions"
Episode 15
Pokemon Emerald 15
Series Game Grumps
Game Pokemon Emerald
Description We find impressions we CAN'T do.
Release Date August 26, 2012
Length 10:20
Link Pokemon Emerald - Character Impressions - PART 15 - Game Grumps
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"Nincada's Nickname"
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"The BEST Episode"

"Character Impressions" is the fifteenth episode of Pokemon Emerald.

Intro Edit

"Okay!" "Ah... Did it work?" "Yeah it fucking worked" "Okay" - JonTron and Egoraptor.

Game progress Edit

The Game Grumps return to Rustboro City, meeting President Stone and obtaining the PokéNav.

Quotes Edit

"How many fucking neo geo pockets do you have"?- Jon

"I have 5".- Arin

"You have like 7".- Jon

"No i have 7".- Arin

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6 neo geo pockets".- Jon

"My fellow Americans we've been through some things in the last few months that nobody should have to go through, that wasent so bad. It got better, we have to practice".- Jon impressions Obamas voice

"What impression do you think i cant do".- Arin

"Do Bill Clinton i wanna see you do bill Clinton".- Jon

"Looks like i really screwed the pooch on that one".- Arin impressions Bill Clinton

"Adam west".- Jon

"I'm,I'm Adam west, i".- Arins impression of Adam west

"PERFECT 5 OUT OF 5".- Jon

Trivia Edit

. Jon says 6 neo geo pockets similar to the megaman 7 episode "7 Asses".

Outro Edit

Jon"Did he do a Adam did he do ugh-".

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