"Champagne on the Beach"
Episode 12
Leisure Suit Larry 6 Part 12 - Champagne on the Beach
Series Steam Train
Game Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out!
Description Fireside romance.
Release Date January 8, 2015
Length 15:26
Link Leisure Suit Larry 6: Champagne on the Beach - PART 12 - Steam Train
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"Champagne on the Beach" is the twelfth episode of Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out!.

Controversy Edit

This episode was somewhat controversial around the time of its release, due to the game's depiction of one of Larry's female love interests as being transvesite, and its use of a stock joke where Larry is shocked and disgusted to find out that the drag queen he is romantically interested in has a penis (though some reviewers, players, and Steam Train episode assumed that 'she' is a 'transgendered' individual).

Note: According to the game developers "Shablee" is actually a 'transvestite' and actually a 'man' (infact a 'homosexual man'), rather than 'transgendered/transwoman' (and is actually more of a stereotype of gay transvestites and "drag queens").[1][2][3][4]

While Danny's initial gut reaction was to laugh along with the joke, he and Ross spend the rest of the episode contextualizing it: The game came out shortly after the release of The Crying Game, a movie with a similar plot twist (an intentional 'transvestite' rather than 'transsexual[5]), and the game's depictions of LGBT people are fairly archaic and not politically correct at all by today's standards. Danny still assures that they meant no offense to their LGBT viewers.


  1. "Shablee is our perky little black transvestite spa guest. Beautiful babe, good dresser, nice make-up, hair. She "hangs out" in the Make-Up Classroom, trying to powder over her beard, although no one will ever suspect this from her picture...
    When you give it to her, she discretely turns away to put it on "herself."
    "Click the condom on her. Learn she's no she. Wake up in your bathroom the next day, gargling your heart out."
    "If you gave Shablee the evening gown, he/she is waiting for you here....Larry's body covers her genitals, but its plain to see her new gown is riding up noticeably in front."
    "Larry does a take sickens as he realizes what he's done, and begins spitting, trying to get that taste out of his mouth."
    "Complimentary Condom: ...Used on the beach with your girlie-man, Shablee."
    "Warm Champagne: Take from the Beach the morning after your first (admitted) homosexual experience..."
  2. Official Book of Leisure Suit Larry we have: "Yeah, and you're gonna learn she's no lady! That was a dirty trick you played on me, Al." Was it? Heh, heh. No harm done, just a little shock, Lar. So you wake up in your room the next day.
  3. Narrator: "No wonder Shablee knows what a man likes!"
  4. LSL6 Hintbook: Learn the truth about Shablee (and possibly yourself?)
  5. ["Did Jordan think of Davidson’s Dil as a pre-op transsexual? “She wasn’t that. She was a transvestite. And Jaye wasn’t a transvestite, just a beautiful gay man. "]

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