"I don't need your fuckin' morals, dog game. Dogs hump and then they walk away. That is it."

Series Game Grumps
Game The Dog Island
Description Just hump and walk away.
Release Date October 17, 2014
Length 30:14
Link The Dog Island: CUTENESS OVERLOAD - Game Grumps
One-Off Guide
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"The Goonies"
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"Hell's Kitchen"

"CUTENESS OVERLOAD" is the first episode of The Dog Island on Game Grumps.


Arin: "Damn it."

Danny: [laughs] "Yess."

Arin: "Let's get on the title screen. God!"

Danny: [laughs]

Arin: "How many companies made this game!? 'THE DOG Artlist Collection.' Fuck."

Danny: "Almost. Almost..."

Arin: "Jesus Christ!"

Danny: [laughs, then gasps, then bursts out laughing again]

Arin: "Oh, no..."

Danny: "Oh, my God. Really!?"

Arin: "This game..."

Danny: "What is happening!?"

Both: [laughs, then sings the in-game music mockingly]

Game progressionEdit

The Game Grumps create their character, a white Pomeranian named "PRINCEF TAAANX". They find Colored Stone, Colored Glass, and a Basket while sniffing through the town. They also receive Milk and deliver it to Mar. During the festival, they find Spiral Shell. Then, their younger brother in game collapses and they head off to THE DOG Island, where they clean dirt aboard the ship.


'My Dearest Fido, It has been many moons since we met each other. I hope one day we can be together again. Sincerely Yours, PRINCEF TAAANX.' And then you mail it, and it's just like shit on a piece of paper.
— Danny
'Give me an update on your son's condition.' 'Well, he threw up, and then he ate it, and then he threw up again.'
— Danny


Danny: "'My Dearest Jaquelyn, I've been on a pirate ship sniffing dirt for twelve days. P.S. Barf! '"

Both: [laughs]

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