"Dare I say, there is nothing Christmas about this."

Episode 1
Duke Nukem Nuclear Winter 1
Series Steam Train
Game Duke: Nuclear Winter
Description Hail to the king, baby. GET IT? HAIL.
Release Date December 26, 2013
Length 12:13
Link Duke Nukem Nuclear Winter: Bubblegum - PART 1 - Steam Train
Steam Train Guide
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"Snow Means Snow"

"Bubblegum" is the first episode of Duke: Nuclear Winter on the Steam Train spinoff Steam Sleigh.

Gameplay Edit

Arin begins playing the first level, but eventually dies and the level resets. He hands off to Ross, who makes it somewhat farther before dying to the onslaught of monsters outside.

Discussions Edit

Arin and Ross continuously impersonate Duke Nukem's voice throughout the episode. To be more specific, Arin imitates Ross' terrible Duke Nukem impression, which according to him sounds more like Strong Bad than Duke Nukem.

Ross tries to explain to Arin how panthers are not a proper species, but are instead a mutation of jaguars and leopards. Arin argues the logic of whether or not it's still proper to call them panthers.

Gallery Edit

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