"Brute Force"
Episode 6
Ninja Gaiden Part 6
Series 'Game Grumps'
Game Ninja Gaiden
Description Inner peace achieved!
Release Date April 2nd, 2015
Length 14:56
Link Ninja Gaiden: Brute Force - PART 6 - Game Grumps
Episode Guide
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"Doomed From the Start"
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"Sent From Above"

"Brute Force" is the sixth episode of Ninja Gaiden on Game Grumps.

Game Progress Edit

Arin spends the first few minutes of the episode trying to beat the boss of Act V, which he does after several attempts and a lot of cuts.

The rest of the video shows Arin trying to get through Act VI. Though he beats Stage 6-1 easily, Stage 6-2 gives him a lot of difficulty and stress. Arin implies that he will leave the console on overnight so he can take a break from the game without losing progress.

Discussions Edit

Danny brings up how playing Ninja Gaiden must have done a number on Arin's psyche. He compares this to his nightmares of playing Action Girlz Racing.

External links Edit

Subreddit Head Brute Force at the Subreddit

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