Episode 6
Yoshi's Island 6
Series Game Grumps
Game Yoshi's Island
Description This game is just swell.
Release Date September 28, 2012
Length 10:11
Link Yoshi's Island: Bromance - PART 6 - Game Grumps
Episode Guide
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"Gust Into Eggs"
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"White Gummy Bear"

"Bromance" is the sixth episode of Yoshi's Island.

Intro Edit

(Singing in the style of jazz)

Jon: Hop-dotsy-doo-doo. 

Arin: Welcome to Game Grumps, we're playin' Yoshi's Island, I'm on a blue Yoshi, and I'm gonna get that. I did it.

Jon: Check it ooouuut, those waterfaaalls are kinda static, yo!

Game Progress Edit

Outro Edit

Jon: I farted. The end.

Arin: Not a one...

Jon: Next time on Game Grumps.

Arin: Is that it?

Jon: Hold on...hold on...*farts into it the microphone* My potato is hard

Arin: AH-HAHAHA...Ah!...AH!!

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