"Black and White Bushido"
Black & White Bushido Steam Train
Series Steam Train
Game Black & White Bushido
Description Peekaboo!
Release Date May 23rd, 2016
Length 14:51
Link Black and White Bushido - Steam Train
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"Hybrid Animals"
Black and White Bushido is the first and only episode of Black & White Bushido on Steam Train.

Gameplay Edit

Ross and Barry play some versus matches against each other.

Round Ross Barry Stage Winner
1 Shadow Light Pagoda Barry; 10-2
2 Shadow Light Waterfall Barry; 10-8

During the second match, Ross discovers a wall in the Waterfall stage he can cling on. He initially thinks this is a bug, but then attempts to do it multiple times for the rest of the match.

Discussions Edit

Barry and Ross talk about an indie game similar to this they tried recently.

Ross wonders why Sonic is one of the most meme-happy video game characters.

External links Edit

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