"Battletoads (episode)"
Series Game Grumps
Game Battletoads
Description DOWN + A + B + START
Release Date October 11, 2012
Length 10:25
Link Battletoads - Game Grumps
One-Off Guide
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"Chuck E. Cheese's Party Games"

"Battletoads" is the first and only Battletoads episode.

Intro Edit

(Jon and Arin sing incoherently to the tune of Prince Ali from Disney's Aladdin)

Jon: YOU'RE GONNA LOVE THIS GAME! We're playing Battletoads.

Game progress Edit

The Game Grumps were able to beat the first level but were unable to pass the second due to the games notorious difficulty.

Discussions Edit

Arin and Jon voice their dislike of the game repeatedly, Arin especially so, due to the game's impossibly difficult gameplay. This is made even worse in two-player mode, where the two players can harm eachother and the game ends as soon as either of the two players gets a Game Over.

Jon argues that the game has great game feel and it has novelty value, while Arin argues that even though the game engine is great, it's couched in a game that's not fun to play.

Quotes Edit

"Alright were playing Battletoads 'cus its notorious for being the most piece-of-shit game ever".- Jon

"Just so you know, I hate this game".- Arin

(Long legged enemy walks in).

"Dude wait, no no no, don't kill this guy, don't kill this guy. I love how he's just like, wooty dooptey doo. And then hes trying to shufflekick you".- Jon

(Falcon guy starts typing on the computer).

"Its like he's watching porn".- Arin

"Yeah hes like, yeah hes got one hand on the mouse and the other hand on the keyboard on his dick".- Jon

(Jon makes groaning noises).

"Zoom in on that Barry". Jon referring to their editor

"I don't mind... please don't, Barry".- Arin

(They both laugh).

"It's gonna be a constant war of editing jokes now. 'No, don't!'" -Arin

"Oh god did we just reveal... our darkest secret?".- Jon

"J.K. Rowling has a ton of bux." -Arin

Trivia Edit

  • This episode is the first episode in which it is mentioned that Barry edits the Game Grumps' videos. This fact is referred to in the video by Jon as "Our darkest secret".
  • Towards the end of the video, Jon starts opera singing about various things. He then starts to go insane, constantly saying that he doesn't like this game.

Outro Edit


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