"Bad Teddy"
Episode 1
Naughty Bear 1
Series Game Grumps
Game Naughty Bear
Description Today's the day the teddy bears have THEIR FINAL PICNIC.
Release Date February 18, 2013
Length 10:13
Link Naughty Bear: Bad Teddy - PART 1 - Game Grumps
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"Right to Bear Arms"

"Bad Teddy" is the first episode of Naughty Bear.

Intro Edit

Jon: [singing] "Going down to the gunction junction."

Arin: "Is that the new Alan Jackson song?"

Game progress Edit

The Game Grumps begin the game, starting with Episode 1: The Party. However, the Grumps cannot figure out what to do, and do not get past the first area.

Discussion Edit

The Game Grumps begin by talking about Alan Jackson's "Chattahoochee". Arin also talked about this song in Who Farted? and Jon's Favorite Part.

Neither Grump has played Naughty Bear before, but Jon has at least heard of it. He explains to Arin that the game is known for being notoriously bad.

The Grumps joke how Arin's mom said he was special, and that she will love him no matter what, as long as he's not an artist or gay, be a lawyer or doctor, and keeps the Mormon faith, among other things.

Arin asks Jon who is inside the Naughty Bear suit, and Jon says that it is just a stuffed bear. Arin points out that the house looked like it was made in Sims. The Grumps notice that the environment they are in looks kind of Disney Land-ish. Arin says that it looks like it is on Dreamcast, as the environment is blocky and there is a no-shading look to it.

Jon can not figure what to do to progress in the game. They figure out that they need to obtain a certain score.

Jon realizes that the episode must be one of the most boring episodes for the audience.

Outro Edit

Jon: "Next time on Game Grumps, we're gonna- We're gonna spring that trap."

Arin: "Mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm. Sorry, I was thinking about something else."

Quotes Edit

Dip my balls in the sand, don't even care about my hand. If it gets crinked, I don't really think, I could understand.
— Jon, while Arin beatboxes

Controversy Edit

This episode had one of the worst receptions of any episode of Game Grumps, due to the Game Grumps not reading the tutorial, and most of the episode is spent with them insulting the game for "not being clear with directions" and trying to figure out how it's played.

This episode is one of the most talked-about Game Grumps episodes, and one of the most disliked. For a short while after this episode, other Game Grumps episodes seemed to be receiving more dislikes than they had usually received. As a result of this controversy, Bad Teddy quickly became one of the most viewed Game Grumps videos at the time.

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