"Back to Happy"
Episode 95
Sonic '06 95
Series ''Game Grumps
Game Sonic '06
Description Well this just got dark.
Release Date April 29, 2013
Length 16:30
Link Sonic '06: Back to Happy - PART 95 - Game Grumps
Episode Guide
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"Getting Worse"

"Back to Happy" is the ninety-fifth episode of Sonic '06.

 Intro Edit

Jon: [singing] Understandably mad at yourself because you did a thing you thought was morally wrong.
Arin: What did you do?
Jon: Umm, well. I saw a baby in a stroller at the park...
Arin: That's all I need to hear. Fuck.

Discussion Edit

For most of the episode, Jon and Arin discuss an interview where actor Billy Bob Thornton was angry at an interviewer for mentioning his acting career during an interview with his band.[1] Arin is initially defensive towards Thornton, while Jon believes he was being disrespectful.

However, after Arin watched the interview, he seemed to have changed his mind — although he still expressed empathy towards Thornton.

Outro Edit

Jon: Next time on Game Grumps. [drops controller]

References Edit


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