"Barry, you're fired."

"Arin's Gotta Poo"
Episode 75
Sonic '06 75
Series Game Grumps
Game Sonic '06
Description That's what he said.
Release Date March 5, 2013
Length 11:54
Link Sonic '06: Arin's Gotta Poo - PART 75 - Game Grumps
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"Arin's Gotta Poo" is the seventy-fifth episode of Sonic '06.

Intro Edit

"Yeah, but the reason I'm sarcastic towards you is because you just invalidate me a lot and I guess I'm just not gonna let you in anymore to my fuckin' heart." "Sometimes you're just rude to me and I just can't fuckin'..." "I'm fuckin' rude to you?" "...your yelling at you..." "Oh, I'm fuckin' rude to you?" "...because your jokes aren't funny." "That's g- that's a good fuckin' reason to yell right back." "I'm just so sick of this garbage that we're always fuckin' (inhale) WHOOOOAAAA!!" "WELCOME BACK TO SONIC '06!!" "HEEEEEY!!" "Welcome back to Game Gru- (laughing) You and I were on the same fucking page for that, weren't we?" -JonTron and Egoraptor

Outro Edit

"Next time on...hopefully Silver gets a poon...from Blaze. But we know that's not gonna happen,, he got no game. Fuckin' Shadow, too, over here... is gonna get that." "Well, this game's rated 'Teen'. So I don't think it'll even show anything-" "Probably will have soft-core at least." "I'd be fine with that." -JonTron and Egoraptor

Bonus Clip Edit

"Also, you know what I noticed? You know why these aren't taking as long?" "Why?" "These campaigns don't have Soleanna... (loading screen pops up showing 'SOLEANNA')......Literally, did it just happen? That just happened? Well, ra- not very much of it. Not as, really though? Did it-" "I know. It's just really funny that that happened." "Barry, put that in." -JonTron and Egoraptor


  • This episode features the first appearance of Barry in an episode of Game Grumps, other than a picture in Brain Farts, the first visual appearance of Suzy, and the appearance of what appears to be Mochi on the floor.