"Another Lotad"
Episode 5
Pokemon Emerald 5
Series Game Grumps
Game Pokemon Emerald
Description We're gonna name it BREAST. Mmm.
Release Date August 3, 2012
Length 12:25
Link Pokemon Emerald - Another Lotad - PART 5 - Game Grumps
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"Another Lotad" is the fifth episode of Pokemon Emerald.

Intro Edit

"Welcome back to Game Grumps. We're still trying to find another Lotad so I can name it Breast" - Egoraptor.

Game progress Edit

The Game Grumps continue through Route 102, catching another Lotad, which they nickname GeorgLopez, and deposit the first Lotad in the PC.

Quotes Edit

"Nam him like-".- Jon

"George lopez".- Arin

"Ray charles(Cracks up), name him George lopez, oh my god George lopez, hold on, you cant fit it".- Jon

"look i can just put that".- Arin

"Name him j lo, name him j lo".- Jon

"No George lopez".- Arin

"Thats like georg lopez, like the boss from major-, name him jorg lopez,(name menu fades out), no now you gotta catch another one and name him jorg lopez".- Jon

"What are you talking about".- Arin

Trivia Edit

. Jon and Arin mention suzy in their fan story.

. Jon and Arin once again say they wont be doing face cam.

Outro Edit

Jon and Arin"Find out what tiana does next time on the next episode of Game Gruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumps".