"And We're Off"
Episode 1
Series Steam Train
Game The Oregon Trail
Description I think we're gonna last a long time on the trail.
Release Date December 1, 2013
Length 11:37
Link The Oregon Trail: And We're Off - Part 1 - Steam Train
Steam Train Guide
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"And We're Dead"
"And We're Off" is an episode of Steam Train, and the first episode of The Oregon Trail.

Gameplay Edit

Danny and Ross start a new game of Oregon Trail as a banker. They name their crew after the rest of the Game Grumps team: Danny, Arin, Barry, Suzy and Fuckhead RAAAAAAWS, and begin their journey from Independence, Missouri to Willamette Valley, Oregon in April of 1848.

On the way to Fort Kearney, RAAAAAAWS catches dysentery and Arin breaks his arm. The crew rests as Fort Kearney for a week to heal.

Discussions Edit

Ross advises Barry to add any music he wants to the background so as not to make the game utterly dead silent. Barry complies by adding a country-western tune to the game. The silence is disrupted when the PC speaker starts blasting music at maximum volume as they take off.

Danny talks about the historical context of both the game and the events depicted in it, including the difficulties faced by colonial Americans travelling to the west coast.

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