"Alligators are Subtle"
Episode 13
Banjo Kazooie 13
Series Game Grumps
Game Banjo Kazooie
Release Date September 7, 2012
Length 10:43
Link Banjo Kazooie - Alligators are Subtle - PART 13 - Game Grumps
Episode Guide
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"Egg on Fish"

"Alligators are Subtle" is the thirteenth episode of Banjo Kazooie.

Intro Edit

Jon" Hello and welcome".

Arin" As promised".

(Both Jon and Arin sing Cross fire).

Game progress Edit

The Game Grumps Continue Bubblegloop Swamp and collect 1 jiggie.

Quotes Edit

"Yeah i love this guy, yeah the game is simple eat more red rumbleys then me ready, oh ok. This guy just fucking waits in here for people to be like "Oh must play the rumbley game".- Jon

"Heh, heh, he like a fucking poker addict".- Arin

"She was saying ugh, you know how the Mario brothers episode we have the most dislikes on it. Our opinion on mario".- Arin

"Yeah".- Jon

"She said "Why are people disliking it, its the only one that lives up to your name sake".- Arin

"I know seriously it is".- Jon

"Do you wanna hang out with the turtle".- Arin

"looks hes got little notes on his paws".- Jon

"Hes like "eyeeeeeeah".- Arin

"On his flippers".- Jon

"Do you wanna hang out with me later, I'm not going anywhere'.- Arin in the turtles dumb voice

"Oh i remember, your suppose to destroy his hands'.- Jon

"Really"?- Arin

Trivia Edit

. Arin mentions the controversy with their "New Super Mario Brothers Wii" playthrough.

Outro Edit

(Jon makes kissing sounds).

Arin" Stop".

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