"A Whole New Grump"
Episode 1
Aladdin 1
Series Game Grumps
Game Aladdin
Release Date October 19, 2012
Length 10:20
Link Aladdin: A Whole New Grump - PART 1 - Game Grumps
Episode Guide
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"Cave of Blunders"

"A Whole New Grump" is the first episode of Aladdin.

Intro Edit

Jon and Arin sing a 'musical number' in the style of the in-game music. This goes for about 30 seconds before Jon gives up since he doesn't know the rest of the song.)

Arin: (speaking into the mic quietly) "I hope you um...I hope you enjoyed our musical number, that's the, uh...that was the introduction that we decided on..."


Discussions Edit

Jon and Arin talk about how Disney gave Capcom a lot of their IPs to them back in the 90's. They poke fun about how apples are used as weapons.

Jon makes fun of Gilbert Gottfried (the voice of Iago) and imitates his voice. During the second stage, Jon talks about how Gottfried made a 9/11 joke too soon, and avoided getting to any trouble by turning it into an Aristocrats joke. They mention how Louis C.K. does this perfectly, and Daniel Tosh doesn't.

Suddenly, they notice in the game that Abu (the monkey) appeared from one side of the screen and re-appeared on the other side, which causes them go wild. Arin notices that the sprite of the defeated Aladdin somewhat looks like a finger thanks to the pants looking like a finger and the patch reminds him of the fingernail.

After Jon makes a Carl Sagan impression, he and Arin wonder what the actual definition of an eon is. Jon briefly loses his mind when Arin asserts him that a century is a thousand years, and not a hundred.

Jon brings up the first act of Aladdin, where Aladdin goes through a lot of the trouble to get a piece of bread for himself, and winds up giving the bread to some starving kids. Arin mentions playing the game at an orthodontist once, which for some reason no other kids did, and explains the cartridges were chained to the consoles.

Jon tries to start a new discussion about how the game was programmed in a studio. This never gets brought up again because the episode ends.

Quotes Edit

Arin: Did you see that? That was an investment. I invested one apple to make three.
Jon: [laughing] This game is actually about accounting!

Arin: Abu is a quantum mechanic!!

Outro Edit

Arin: (mischievously) "Next time on Game Grumps...Jon says something interesting...! Won't that be nice?!"

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