"A pancreas, a tonsil, and (...) Jack Johnson walk into a bar. Somebody says: "which one of you is really good at writing music?". Jack Johnson goes: "(mumbling) I don't fucking know...""
— Arin, improvising the titular joke

"A Pancreas, a Tonsil, and Jack Johnson"
Episode 7
Kirby Super Star 7
Series Game Grumps
Game Kirby Super Star
Description Ego and Jon tell jokes.
Release Date August 19, 2012
Length 11:32
Link Kirby Super Star - A Pancreas, a Tonsil, and Jack Johnson - PART 7 - Game Grumps
Episode Guide
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"Jon Skates to Olympia"
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"Meta FIGHT"

"A Pancreas, a Tonsil, and Jack Johnson" is an episode of Game Grumps and the seventh episode of Kirby Super Star.

Intro Edit

"Welcome to Groomp Croomp! My name is Groomp and this is Jesus! We're playing a video game!" - Arin.

Game progress Edit

The Game Grumps continue Revenge of Meta Knight, defeating Main Cannon #2, Heavy Lobster, and the Halberd Reactor.

Discussion Edit

Arin mentioning Jesus in the intro somehow leads to him attempting to come up with jokes on the spot, with mixed results and various nonsensical interruptions. For his final joke, each time Arin starts talking, Jon starts interrupting him further with fart noises because he managed to get the Jet ability.

Jon notices the wizard-like partner who has the Mirror ability is named 'Simirror' and wonders if it was a joke about Japanese pronunciation. He blames "the guy who made this game", and the Grumps proceed to give him various names while talking about him being Japanese and insulting his own culture, including:

  • Takeshi Ueda
  • Watashi Kokoetsu
  • Ueda Matsudo
  • Matsumo Matsumoto
  • Yusuke Hutsuhutsuhutsuhutsumaku
  • Hatsutuko Mueda

Arin then tries to talk about something that happened while he was learning Japanese, but is again interrupted by Jon, leading to him forgetting what he was going to say. Arin notes that he and Jon need to start finishing their statements. Jon briefly reminisces about their intentions to talk about the games in a "legit" way back when they started Game Grumps.

Near the episode's end, Arin launches into an improvised song about Poppy Bros., and Jon wonders if Arin always liked Poppy Bros., and why. Arin responds that yes, he has, because he finds the bombs useful.

Outro Edit

Jon: Bad news, next time on Game Grumps!
Arin: (Grunts)
Arin: WHAT!

Trivia Edit

  • The first random name given to "the guy who made this game", Takeshi Ueda, is actually a Japanese musician, known for composing the band Babymetal's popular song Gimme Chocolate.

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