"A Little Ding Dong"
Episode 9
Pokemon Emerald 9
Series Game Grumps
Game Pokemon Emerald
Description Just a little Dongle. A Ding Dong.
Release Date August 10, 2012
Length 13:31
Link Pokemon Emerald - A Little Ding Dong - PART 9 - Game Grumps
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"A Little Ding Dong" is the ninth episode of Pokemon Emerald.

Intro Edit

Jon: Welcome back to Trainwreck Gumps.

Arin: How many times have you heard that? Never. Except for just now!

Both: (laughing)

Jon: (wheezing) I caaaayyn't.

Game progress Edit

The Game Grumps further progress through Route 104, reaching Rustboro City. They also deposit nooooooooo into the PC.

Quotes Edit

"Oh i like wingull its a water bird".- Jon

"Water bird".- Arin

"Hey can you play a little i gotta drink like this".- Jon

"Make sure you drink like this, why are we fucking, why is zigzagoon out first".- Arin


"I'm serious wingulls actually good he evolves into pela storm".- Jon


"Now you got fucking twitchy ass taillow over here".- Jon

(Bird noise).

"He evolves into spearow, get wingull".- Jon

"Spearoooow, (Laughs)".- Arin

"Swellows actually really really good he has strategy that's really effect-".- Arin

"Yeah hes a swell guy".- Jon in a drunken voice

(Arin laughs).

Trivia Edit

Outro Edit

Jon"Next time on Game Grumps those 2 poke balls look like tittys".