7 Asses Shirt! ONE WEEK ONLY!
7 Asses Shirt


Available for one week only at:

Release date

November 12, 2012




7 Asses Shirt! ONE WEEK ONLY!

7 Asses Shirt! ONE WEEK ONLY! is a special Game Grumps announcement. It is a promotion for their first limited-time offer T-Shirt, based on the seven asses joke. It features footage of Jon and Arin in the Grump Room, talking about the shirt.

Quotes Edit

"You better save that shit as a .FLA... F'Later, because we have a ship to sink." - JonTron, referring to Egoraptor's new cartoon he's working on.

"Count me out" - Egoraptor.

"Why only one week?" - Egoraptor, repeatedly.

Trivia Edit

  • According to Arin's activities calendar, the Game Grumps check their PO Box and film new episodes every Monday.
  • In this video, Jon appears with with the shirt and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo helmet that appeared on his Space Ace video; his parts of this video also share the same location and camera angles with that video.

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